Secrets of the Deep Dark Web 2021

Deep Dark Web

So let’s now start talking about what is the deep web. Because your web server can say a few things. As well as saying “here’s your page” it can also say “I don’t know what that page is.” So if I say… Can we go to “”? It goes: I’m sorry I don’t know what that is. Page not found. We don’t have “free stuff for max”. It can also say you’re not allowed to go there. So it can say if I want to go to “” It will say “sorry you can’t go there” that’s a bit of the web you’re not allowed to see and that’s really what the Deep Dark Web is.
Bits of the web that google is not allowed to see or can’t find or hasn’t found and so the easiest way of looking at the Deep Web is it’s just a huge portion of the web which google doesn’t have the password to go and see your hasn’t come across yet or is sitting unconnected to the rest of web somewhere there’s. Four bits of what makes the deep web or four nice examples.Deep Dark Web
Secrets of the Deep Dark Web

What makes the Deep Web different from normal web

Let’s say, of what makes the Deep Web different from the web one is that stuff behind passwords so any place that you go we have to type in the password is a place that Google can goes it doesn’t have your password so it it can’t look at your bank information, it can’t look at your profile page on and in fact if you make your profile on Facebook not public you essentially pulled your profile on facebook down into the deep web rather than having it on the surface bit of the web and but all the normal pages like the main page of  also lots of dynamic content so this is the second part content which gets generated based on what you do or where you are is that and so if you go on to and search for something Google hasn’t seen that search results because it hasn’t typed in every single possible word you could ever type into amazon search so you see the products.Deep Dark Web

How Google Works?

It’s found most of the products, so it’s indexed all those pages because it has links to on the front page of amazon but it hasn’t seen all the dynamic things that you create because you typed in a word that it had thought typing in and so this is dynamic content that it can’t access and so your facebook feed is another type of dynamic content which is always changing and so it’s A) it can’t get there because it doesn’t have the password and B) the last time I looked it was different to the time you just looked so hasn’t seen it there’s also something called the robot exclusion standard which is a nice thing that’s most websites have a little file which is robots.txt on the server and that says to google or other things are browsing automatically you can look at those pages but please don’t look at those pages and Google simply just doesn’t look at them because it was asked not to.

Does Google respect robots txt?

So there’s large portions that the website designers say please don’t index this but you can look at that .Yeah, so you could write a spider that works like Google spider which just
Deep Dark Web

Can you create your own Dark Web?

 So my laptop has a web server on it HTTP server and so I can host web files on my laptop and when I connected it to the Internet it got a unique address and so people can type in that address and then see the web pages that are on my laptop and so technically kind of anybody could do that and then you just tell your friends the unique kind of code for how to get there. 

Not the web link because you didn’t create web link maybe and your friends type in the, go look at your laptop and then never tell anybody else about it because your little secret web page for you and your friends and so that’s just a part of the web that Google never came across and it won’t come across it until either you tell Google about it or someone links to it from another web page that Google’s seen.
And so all this is deep web stuff and which is perfectly normal stuff that Google just doesn’t have access to or hasn’t found and so that’s the best way to look at the Deep Web is just all the parts of the web that Google can’t just walk up and see, or hasn’t come and visited yet.

How big is the Deep Dark Web?

 So how big is the Deep Web is an interesting question Google’s index for the normal web or surface web went past 1 trillion pages not too long ago that was a kind of milestone it went past so Google knows about one trillion pages but latest estimates of the Deep Web that it’s ninety-five percent whereas the five percent that google has seen is there’s one trillion pages so it’s much much bigger 500 times bigger and that sort of makes sense because ninety five percent of facebook is stuff you look at after you’ve logged in with your password so and there’s only a small portion that Google can see which is before you log in and and there’s whole websites which you just need a password to access forums or academic literature or just huge resources of content that google doesn’t go and see and so it’s very very big it’s just not very scary and not very unusual it’s just behind passwords. 

How to get on the Dark Web?

So this takes us then towards the

Onion Browser

 Onion pages rather than .com pages you know it’s just different language different codes and they the way you asked for a page is differently so ever where you might have in to Chrome and say I’d like to see that page about horses which is on the dark web and the dark web goes or would you can get page about horses that’s not how we do things here so you kind of have to say the panda has orange shoes and then suddenly gives 

you that page about horses that you wanted the interest is just talking a different language is essentially transferring pages of information like the web does you just have to ask it the right way so does not mean that all the people who’ve got websites out there would have to rebuild their website as an onion type we’re only if you want to be only on the onion whip and so you can be browsing the inter web using Deep Dark Web


What is Tor Browser?

Tor which is the onion browser and that we can look perfectly well a normal web pages you can go to. Google on it but it also knows how to or where to find out where the onion physical computers are and then it knows how to ask for it and and it’s the other thing it



does there was something is it sends you on a secret strange and unusual route through the internet to get there so if you look at on Tor but when I did this morning it was in German because the last place that I came out on the strange the route was in the computer somewhere in Germany and this is sort of why they call it the onion web because it has many layers that you go through so when it asks to view a web page it wraps up that request into several layers of encryption and then send it to the first computer which unlocks the first layer and says okay thanks


Layers of Tor Onion Browser

 Now I know where to go for the second one goes to a computer in Australia and says unwrap the next layer and then it goes to a computer German accent and that one asks my google have come to see it and then it kind of gets wrapped back up again comes all the way back to you and which is Deep Dark Web

How Tor Browser works?

What you’re doing so it’s also a bit like a secret spy who’s kind of got into a building suddenly and taking off his coat and hat he’s wearing an apron and then walks into the kitchen and seems perfectly normal in there and then as you get out the back of the kitchen he takes off the apron is in overalls and then suddenly drops down into the sewer and he kind of goes along a bit in there

Illegal works on Dark Web

 I can do the normal stuff that’s on the normal web and so people have to say all the dark web that’s the place where bad things happen and that’s not what it’s designed for the fact that it’s anonymous means that bad things can happen on it more easily but you can do good things on it when you have more anonymity so it’s slightly safer perhaps to go and do your onlinebanking in a public cafe if you encrypted first and there is a  is secure HTTP and that’s one way of making more secure but then you can also wrap it and onion layers and send often so suddenly you’re sort of more safe in a public place and doing something that you want to do more privately so is it dangerous is a question of what use your anonymity for rather than that it’s specifically designed for dangerous things because people anonymous they can do things which are less legal perhaps.

Is it illegal to use Flash?

 I don’t know there’s some known flaw of the onion web and there’s ways of tracking what happens if you carefully synchronize events that happened the different stages and you can also if you view things like Flash over the Tor browser that breaks all the ideas of it because it’s this built-in different way so when you login to tourists and to say don’t use Flash (Deep Dark Web)


Adobe Flash is Tracking our Locations

because that will giveaway your location but if you do this normal stuff that will be fine, and but there are people who use it to put on pages so those things like the silk road which is people knew about which is a place where people could sell and buy drugs because and you were more anonymous so that people could host the website more honest me and all the people could go and visit in on anonymously.

Illegal Drugs on Deep Dark Web

So it’s illegal activity that’s been facilitated by anonymity there’s lots of positive things that could be facilitated by anonymity so people who are in an oppressive area scan browse the web or anonymously they can communicate with people more honestly and so on so let’s bring it all back together and talk about the difference in the Deep Web the dark web.

Difference in the Deep Web the dark web

 The web and so on so and the Deep Web was just an area which is fairly normal of the web or just behind passwords or does not found and the deep dark web is a part of the deep work for us it’s a different copy of the web really which specifically tries to hide itself was talking secret code is wearing camouflage and its hiding as much as it can be different and to be out of the way away from google and so then just makes it private so the physical internet of computers is kind of physical connections or computers together that have IP addresses each one of those physical computers can have a web server on it so that it can talk in software and share information and pages and so this is the web the Deep Web is just part of it which people can’t get too easily and then the dark web is like a copy of the web that talks in just the different ways different languages start with the basics of the we upon internet and because most people confuse those as well as confusing the Deep Web in the dark.


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