October Long Challenge 2021 Solution

October Long Challenge 2021

October Long Challenge 2021 is about to start in next few days. During September Long Challenge we were able to provide at least 90% of solution within next 6 days after the context got live. We got great response and reach in terms of audience and follower’s, if you haven’t followed us on telegram do … Read more

October Long Challenge Chef at the Olympics

October Long Challenge Chef at the Olympics The Chef is at the Olympics. You are given the medal tally of NN of the participating countries. You are also given QQ queries, each represented by a single integer KK. For each such query, you need to find the best possible rank country 11 can achieve if you are allowed to take any KK medals (possibly … Read more

October Long Challenge Three Boxes

October Long Challenge Three Boxes Chef has 33 boxes of sizes AA, BB, and CC respectively. He puts the boxes in bags of size DD (A≤B≤C≤DA≤B≤C≤D). Find the minimum number of bags Chef needs so that he can put each box in a bag. A bag can contain more than one box if the sum of sizes of boxes in the bag does … Read more

October Long Challenge Which Mixture MIXTURE

October Long Challenge Which Mixture MIXTURE Chef has AA units of solid and BB units of liquid. He combines them to create a mixture. What kind of mixture does Chef produce: a solution, a solid, or a liquid? A mixture is called a: 1) A solution if A>0A>0 and B>0B>0, 2) A solid if B=0B=0, or 3) A liquid if A=0A=0. Input Format The first line contains TT denoting the number of … Read more

October Long Challenge Characteristic Polynomial Verification

Characteristic Polynomial Verification CHARVER Given an array CC of MM integers and a square matrix AA (with integer entries) of dimension N×NN×N, verify whether the following equation is true,C0IN+C1A+C2A2+…CM−1AM−1≡0N(mod998244353)C0IN+C1A+C2A2+…CM−1AM−1≡0N(mod998244353) where 0N0N is the square null matrix (matrix in which all elements are zero) and ININ is the identity matrix, both having dimensions N×NN×N. Note: Two matrices A,BA,B each with integer entries are said to be congruent modulo MM iff all entries of A−BA−B are divisible … Read more